Meet our team

Our team is a symphony orchestra, each member playing a unique instrument to create a harmonious masterpiece. From the front-end developers crafting the melody of the user interface to the back-end engineers providing the rhythmic foundation of the codebase, everyone contributes to the beautiful composition. The project managers and quality assurance specialists act as the conductors, guiding the team towards a cohesive performance. Like a skilled musician, each member knows their part and plays it flawlessly, resulting in a software product that is both elegant and efficient. Together, we are a group of virtuosos, collaborating to produce software that delights our clients and exceeds their expectations.

Abdul Aziz Khan


Muhammad Musa Khan


Muhammad Ehsan


Muhammad Talha

Senior Frontend Developer

Shahmir Ali

Senior Backend Developer

Muhammad Junaid Ali

Frontend Developer

Muhammad Idrees

Frontend Developer

Muhammad Ismaeel

Media Buyer

Husnain Maqbool

Business Development Manager