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Web design

A genius web design is all that is needed to enhance your business, and our team of mavericks will do just that for you.

Binary marvels has specialized teams of personnel who will make a world class never seen before web design that’ll propel your business sky high. With an always can do attitude, our agency/company will make sure you are satisfied and offer services. From consultancy, planning, design and development to hosting and support, we offer a full end-to-end service, and we’ll make sure our work exceeds your expectations.




Web development

When it comes to writing codes for a high end organization that gives results, we will write code with such perfection and dedication leaving no flaw whatsoever.

Web development is a job that if handed to the best programmers, it will lead to masterpiece of a website that’ll manifest sky rocketing results for a business. And the programmers at binary marvels are nothing less than the very best themselves.

‘Finesse’ will be the word; you’ll be looking for when the task that has been handed is done.

  • +   HTML
  • +   CSS3
  • +   NEXT JS
  • +   MONGO DB
  • +   EXPRESS JS
  • +   REACT JS
  • +   NODE JS
  • +   NEST JS
  • +   TAILWIND


Graphic design

Weren’t for brilliant color and exotic shapes nature would be just so boring. That is what we will bring to your imagination an explosion of color and an eye catching design.

Our graphic designers here at binary marvels are artists that have a mesmerizing creative power that will bring your imagination and thought on paper and make you such vibrantly exclusive designs that’ll fit your app, website, poster, and logos. The designing done for you will attract all audiences and make your websites and apps a must click and your posters and logos a must read.




SEO optimization

In the electronic era, when there’s a need for making everything easy and simple, we can help you to excellence by getting your websites SEO optimized and pave your way to excellence.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a one way ticket to making your websites reach increase by introducing clever tactics and strategies.

Binary marvels digital marketing team will turn the dial to eleven for increasing the reach to websites of our clients by introducing expert level strategies making the brand flourish and gain traffic to the website. More traffic is what you need, to get your page fully SEO optimized and featured on the search engines first page making your website a first and always click.


Meet the people who admire pixels, flawless code and vast plains.

We would rather be thought of as a boutique of digital art than a factory which exceeds its capacity.

Binary Marvels is a creative digital agency which focuses on design, development, and digital marketing, thus helping our clients to improve their business.


Some of the incredible clients to whom we gave our best








The client and external stakeholders are impressed with the team's quick and professional work. Since they've completed the MVP site, the client can now pitch and ask for financing from their investors. Binary Marvels Pvt Ltd.'s responsiveness and reliability are hallmarks of their work.

Ejiro Enaohwo, CEO, Toaste

Binary Marvels Pvt Ltd. connected well with the client throughout the project. They delivered professional services that ended up with quality work. The vendor also had a smooth workflow that saved time for the client on a daily basis.

Shahbaz Haider, Company Secretary, HT Supplies & Services

Post engagement quickly boosted thanks to Binary Marvels Pvt Ltd.. The company was highly impressed with the vendor's offerings, both in digital marketing and web development. They also gained notable quality leads from their social media accounts, gaining sales on the daily.

Sakib Khan, Director, Online Quran Tutor

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